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AC Stamp Washi Tape (Roll)

AC Stamp Washi Tape (Roll)

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Animal Crossing Bunny inspired Washi Stamp Stickers!

*Does not work as real postage*

Decorate your planner, notebooks, letters, and many other things with these adorable AC inspired bunny washi stamps!


Please note

If it's your first time using washi, be gentle when first unwrapping/peeling so they don't tear. Recommended to peel one at a time. 

For best look, cut each stamp instead of tearing.


*10 different designs repeated throughout each roll

*Each roll is aprox 5m, containing about 140 stamps (stickers.)

*Stamp size is aprox 34x24mm/1”x1” (or about the size of a typical postage stamp.)

Designs include:





•Original AC bunny ‘mimi’

•AC tulips

•AC inspired 'Merbunny'

•Gulliver as a bunny


•AC Money Bag&Coin

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