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Bunny Pops Vol 3

Bunny Pops Vol 3

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So cute it looks good enough to eat!

Bunny Pops V3, now available!

Use code BUNNYPOP242 for $5 off your order when you order two bunny pops! Use 1 per person. 

This is the third version of my bunny lollipop charms! 3 previous designed are restocked, and 5 designs are new. The 5th new design is only available via the mystery pack!

No these are not real lollipops! (Though that would be cool) 

Bunny pop charms are made of acrylic with a little plastic stick to make it look just like a lollipop! 

✿ Features an original design, custom bunny shape

✿ Made of acrylic

✿ Comes in a variety of 'flavors'/colors

✿ Sparkles on Strawbunny, Beri Bunny, Dango, Honey Bunny, and Rainbow Sherbet 

✿ Cotton Candy, Candy Galaxy are printed on holographic acrylic 

✿ Each lollipop charm has a different clasp (refer to pictures) 

✿Bow color is random


Plastic wrapping can come off, or stay on! 

If you want to keep plastic wrapping on, but want the protective film off underneath, gently unwrap the bow, and lift up the plastic wrapping to peel off the protective film. 

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