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Dress Up Charm-Magical Girl Edition

Dress Up Charm-Magical Girl Edition

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Remember those paper dolls you could have different outfits for? That's essentially what this is, but as a cute charm!

Features our favorite cat magical girl, and a pink cat shaped frame as the keychain!

How does this work? 

The cat shaped frame slides out to allow you to put your clear 'slides' in. You'll laywr your slides with a solid background, base character, an outfit, and an accessory! 

🩷Cat shaped dress up charm is aprox 3.5"-2.5" 

🩷Made of acrylic

🩷Printed one one side of the acrylic (is not double sided)

🩷Comes with 7 slides:

  • 1 background
  • 1 base character
  • 3 outfits
  • 2 accessories to put on top
  • Comes with a red bow to tie around the tail! 

**Please note that in order to insure the charm is protected during shipping I will not remove the protective film. When the protective film is on it looks scratched, but don't worry it isn't!

The protective film on the front and back of the frame and each slide will need to be peeled off. 

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