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Ham-Boy Acrylic Shaker Charm

Ham-Boy Acrylic Shaker Charm

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**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** See below for details 

Inspired by my favorite handheld game, is my new Ham-Boy Color design! 

🌻10cm (aprox 4")

🌻Front and Back design

🌻Has (4) shaker pieces

🌻Will have a orange U-Clasp

*Pre-order details*

Estimated production time:1.5-2 mo.

Delivery to me: 2 weeks

Total pre order time until it gets to you: 2.5-3mo. 

**Please don't pre-order if you are not ok with this wait time! I will post on my socials when they come in stock. 

As always, in event of any delays you will be notified via the email address associated with the order. 


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