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Milk Carton Liquid Keychain

Milk Carton Liquid Keychain

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✨Strawbunny and Bunanas!✨

Acrylic Liquid Charms in the shape of a kawaii milk carton!

Each charm is filled with colored oil and a custom wrap with different images on the front, back, and both sides around the charm!

Features my original designs, Strawbunny and BUNana Milk!

Hang on your bag, or add it to your keychain collection!

Charm measures aprox 2"x1.5" 

Extra features:

🍓Strawbunny Milk comes with little strawberry pieces on the inside and has a pink U shaped clasp

🍓Japanese text on the strawbunny charm says "Kawaii" 

💛BUNana Milk comes with little banana slices on the inside, and has a yellow U shaped clasp 

💛Japanese text on the BUNana charm says "Banana" 

**Due to this being a little heavier than my liquid popsicle charms it is not recommended to hang on a lanyard with keys

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