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Mini CD Charm

Mini CD Charm

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Calling all stays! Ever wanted to carry around your favorite SKZ album? 

Problem solved! These are mini CD keychains inspired by the most recent album Rock Star! The CD in the inside is made of acrylic and can be taken out! 


Case while closed 2"x2"

Case while open 4"x2"

Plastic CD case with UV printed stickers in the front or back

Acrylic CD with image printed in the front and back

CD charm closes and opens just like a real CD case!

Keychain attachment that is easy to take off or put in, don't want the case opening on it's own!

***PLEASE NOTE: This batch the manufacturer unfortunately printed the song titles on the back of the CD backwards, however because of this if you hold the CD under the light you can see the song names from the front! Because of this, this batch has been discounted fromb$25 to $20. Thank you for your understanding! 

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