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Oil Filled Bubble Tea Charms

Oil Filled Bubble Tea Charms

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Bubble tea bubble tea, get your bubble tea!

What is it?

This is a colored oil filled plastic bubble tea charm with custom printed acrylic piece on the inside. Each charm has different colored 'boba' and matching colored 'straw'

'Flavors' available are:

Sunflower boba🌻 with our fav two hamsters holding a sunflower.

Strawberry boba🍓 featuring our favorite demon girl! 

Bubble tea charms specs:

Main: 4.7CM(cup)+3.6CM(top diameter)

Straw: around 0.8CM(outside)

**IT IS RECOMMENDED to not hang with a bunch of other charms that can hit it(like with your keys etc)

These are made with plastic/acrylic but is still recommended to handle gently and do not leave in extreme heat or cold. 

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