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Space Bunny Popsicle Charm

Space Bunny Popsicle Charm

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 "Space, galaxy, seems like it would be so empty. But when she opens her eyes, she sees the most beautiful stars"

This is an original character, space Bunny girl! 

You'll notice this is not as vibrant as some of my other pieces, my inspiration for this one was a sort of pastely minimalist? I love how it turned out! 


★Made of acrylic, in the shape of a popsicle 

★Opaque black colored oil and water

★iridesent stars and white pearls

★Acrylic on the inside featuring my space Bunny girl character 

★Special rose gold popsicle clasp

**PLEASE NOTE: The way the acrylic on the inside is shaped makes it easy to get turned upside down. You can make it go back but it takes some shaking the charm around

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