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TMM Acrylic Charms

TMM Acrylic Charms

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One of our favorite magical girl groups, in their cute maid uniforms!

★Estimated shipping time is about 2 weeks!

Will send email updates if things *change (*shipping times subject to change due to shipping delays etc) 

★Grab your favorite, or use code MAGICALGIRL for a full set for $50

★Each character has a different face on the flip side of the charm. 

★Each charm is double-sided, features epoxy on one side, and had a matching colored U shaped clasp. 

★Order now and pick up at Sacanime at my vendor booth 9/2/22 - 9/4/22! Use code KAWAIIANIME at check out to take off shipping

**(ONLY USE this code if you plan to physically pick up your order at my Sacanime booth. I will cancel orders that are not for this. Thank you!)**

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