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Vtuber Heart Perfume Liquid Keychain

Vtuber Heart Perfume Liquid Keychain

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It's everyone's favorite shark V-Tuber! 

Very limited quantity available!

Charm measures aprox 2"x1.5" 

Extra features:

💎 Blue Fish clasp

💎Clear blue liquid with added glitter (oil and water with color) 

💎 Iridescent pearls and flowers 

💎 Double sided acrylic piece on the inside 


*NOTE: All liquid charms contain water +colored oil. Charm is sealed so no liquid will leak. 

**PLEASE NOTE: the acrylic piece on the inside is smaller than typical ones, so it can fall over or go upside down. Just shake or move the charm until you get it back upright! 

***Due to this being a little heavier than my liquid popsicle charms it is not recommended to hang on a lanyard with keys

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