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White Rabbit Candy, Milk Carton Liquid Keychain

White Rabbit Candy, Milk Carton Liquid Keychain

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Thus charm is filled with opaque white oil and a custom wrap with different images on the front, back, and both sides!

Hang on your bag, or add it to your keychain collection!

Charm measures aprox 2"x1.5" 

Extra features:

🐇🍬This charm comes in two options: Option A, Black rabbit clasp or Option B, Red rabbit clasp

🐇🍬For a LIMITED TIME each charm will have a little red heart attached to the clasp.

🐇🍬Japanese text on front says 'Rabbit!' 

**Due to this being a little heavier than my liquid popsicle charms it is not recommended to hang on a lanyard with lots of other charms

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